1558 Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY 11213

About us


Mendy Realty Inc. has been in the real estate business for 15 years. 

It has made great deals and offers to  various clients in New York. Mendy Realty Inc. specializes in helping sellers, buyers, and investors get the best deals for their properties. It helps from negotiation, processing of documents, down to closing the deals. Mendy Realty Inc. helps the clients step by step and ensure we get the best possible deal. 

Mendy Realty Inc. is located at 1558 Carroll Street in the city of Brooklyn, New York. It has a team of professionals who value practice professionalism, good customer service, and serious business at all times.



Mendy Lipsker

Bio of Mendy

Mendy is the CEO of Mendy Realty Inc. He has been a Real Estate Broker since 2004, located in Brooklyn, doing business mostly in the 3 boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queen. He calls himself a seller’s broker. He both caters commercial and residential.

He has co-branded offers with Bank of America. He has participated in getting some of the stores sold and redeveloped into new businesses. He has also helped in improving the  areas of their community.

Mendy is a graduate of Rabbinical College of Canada and Rabbinical College of America. He  is also an owner of other businesses including esrogimcenter.com and City Cards International.

Mendy lives in Crown Heights for over 50 years with his wife and children.