{2:12 minutes to read} When you are ready to buy a property, make sure you are completely ready to buy the property. What do I mean by “completely ready?” I mean having everything in place to complete your deal.

You may find a property you really like, but when it comes time to make your move, you don’t have a lawyer lined up or your down payment ready. You may have the money you need, but it is tied up right now and not immediately available. You don’t have unlimited access to your funds all the time. Set things up beforehand so you have access to your money and are ready to move forward when the time is now.

In a past article, we spoke about how you can lose a deal because you are “snoozing.” In this case,  you run the risk of losing a deal, not because you are snoozing, but because you are not ready to move forward 100%. In your mind you are ready, but in the real game you are not, because you are missing certain items that you need to close the deal. There may be someone else who has everything they need to move forward and before you know it, the property is gone.

Make a list. Find out from your attorney, your accountant, and/or your mortgage broker/real estate agent what is needed to move forward, and be ready to go. If you don’t have all your “ducks in a row” and aren’t completely ready to buy the property, you are going to lose the deal to someone with just as much savvy as you, who IS completely ready to make the move.

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