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Doing the Property Flip – Part 2

{3:00 minutes to read} My last blog discussed “flipping” a property, a popular way to invest which allows you to create profit and cash flow in a reasonably short time. We talked about acquiring the...
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Doing the Property Flip – Part 1

{4:24 minutes to read} Some people want to buy properties because they want to invest and hold them long-term. Others want to “flip” the property. The purpose of flipping properties is basically to create profit...
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Buy While the Stock Is Low!

{2:24 minutes to read} A number of years ago, I was watching a certain stock that was priced at 5.3. I decided that when it hit 5, I would buy, but it never hit 5....
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Being A “Mensch”

{2:42 minutes to read} According to Wikipedia, the Yiddish word “Mensch” describes a person of integrity and honor. A mensch is someone you like and admire. They are a person of character and dignity with...
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What Are You Afraid Of?

{2:20 minutes to read} True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.  – Paul Sweeney Always do what you are afraid to do.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson Only when we are no longer afraid...
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If You Stay in, You Never Lose!

{ 1:30 minuets to read} Real estate is an excellent investment, but when investing in real estate, you have to remember that anything can go wrong. You might have a good deal, or end up...
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